Services and technical assistence

RIEDHAMMER guarantees ongoing support and professional advice during and after kiln assembly and start-up, ensuring customers can optimise manufacturing conditions for their respective businesses. Our global Technical Assistance team, Spare Parts team and worldwide network of representatives - not to mention the branch offices in China and Japan - offer highly efficient customer and spare parts services whenever and wherever required:

  • Technical assistance during plant assembly and start-up to ensure attainment of quality and quantity goals
  • Skilled international workforce
  • Training courses for customers’ technicians at Riedhammer or on-site.
  • 24 hours response time for troubleshooting
  • Optimisation of products/processes thanks to assistance from specialised technicians directly at the production plant
  • Regular kiln inspections and preventive maintenance to ensure routine maintenance and repair work is performed properly, thus minimising the risk of unplanned kiln stoppages which could lead to significant costs
  • Remote assistance to establish a direct link between Riedhammer staff and the customer’s workers or interact directly with the machine to optimise performance in real time or solve problems
  • Definition of an initial spare parts stock plus fast delivery of original spare parts to ensure kilns are always working efficiently
  • Virtual service & maintenance tools

Our RIEDHAMMER teams ensure kiln plants are always full operational. This is done by organising all assembly, commissioning, training, optimisation, maintenance and repair work, all in close collaboration with the customer, and supplying all necessary spare parts, even at short notice.